Monday, June 24, 2013

Explore The Online Custom Clothing Option

This goes hand in hand with selection; with a custom bespoke suit you are free to adjust as many aspects of your cheap custom made suit style as you wish. There are no such things as strange requests; need one sleeve longer than the other (most men’s arm are not the same length!) - done. Are you a detective and need a suit that hides the bulge of your weapon - easy. Do you want to make a statement with a flashy lining - what color? Custom clothing is just that; Custom. Try asking for this at Brooks Brothers, the Men's Wearhouse or at Jos. A Bank!

 Better Clothing Quality and Build
When you have a custom garment created, you are giving a very specific set of instructions to an artist who wants to realize your vision. They work their magic with your chosen fabrics, and the final product is their handmade creation, not a stale cutout from a factory. Quality is higher because each garment is individually created, inspected, and tested. You won't find that even at Brooks Brothers.

Transparency on Price and Build Quality
One of the most powerful aspects of the web is how it forces a seller to lay his wares for all to inspect and see – as a buyer you have the power to walk away with the click of a mouse. You can shop for as long as you wish, look wherever you may choose, and at the end of the day the vendor must convince you his product has more value than the hard earned dollars you are parting with. It is this transparency that makes buying a custom men's suit or dress shirt online great. You design exactly what you want, and can on your schedule ask for clarification on anything that concerns you in regards to the purchase. You control the tempo and speed. No getting caught in a sales speech and the emotion it is meant to arouse. You should ask and expect a response for the privilege of your business. Here at A Tailored Suit, we literally show you everything (including the inside of our pants!)

Time is Money
I mentioned this earlier, but it deserves reiteration. Your time has value. If you earn $100+ a day, then a day spent shopping costs you at least this amount. So what did you gain by shopping for 10 hours only to buy a suit that neither fits nor is the color or style you actually desire. It is always worth paying more for quality and getting what you want versus buying cheap and settling for something inferior that you will never like. A suit's whole purpose is to present a man to his viewers in the best possible light. Do your suits and shirts help you feel confident?
Custom clothing is not for everyone. There are those out there who fit perfectly into off the rack suits, are not interested in customization, are not concerned with quality, like to be pressured into a sale they don’t know everything about, and have plenty of time to waste. If you don’t fit this description, you may want to explore the online custom clothing option.

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