Sunday, December 16, 2012

Great attention for men's suits

man suit,men suits

The Italian man suit, (also identified as a European suit) attracts much attention in all fashion enthusiasts. You can find this on runways around the male fashion.

The usual view of this cover is crossed with wide lapels and pockets. A classic model is completely vent-less. The shoulders are padded quietly without creating a mass complement the suit look unnatural.

Pants with pleats and revoked by bags and pockets. The sleeve may end up with a small break in the skin or may end in shoes a little restless.


man suit,men suits

Men look great with a slim and stylish fashion in these models. However, the fashion consultant many think short men and squat should avoid that thing like crossover.
I am against short men and plump breasted men suits can not use. Although the suit look great in the center of the body, is a double-breasted suit is a big belly hide better than a UK model.

man suit,men suits

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