Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Double-breasted suits

breasted suits,tailored suit

breasted suits,tailored suit

breasted suits,tailored suit

breasted suits,tailored suit

breasted suits,tailored suit
The double-breasted suit isn’t one that we all risk. It takes a certain man with a certain style to pull of the suit that isn’t the first option for everyday wear.

But we’re seldom seeing it in stores, the exquisite style of the overlapping jacket; the heritage of the classic design; the slick, swagger of those who wear it.

Menswear is turning increasingly casual and fewer men are opting for choosing the double-breasted alternative. But we think that you guys just need to build the confidence to pull it off.

Best suited for medium and tall builds, ensure that the jacket is tailored at the waist, giving illusion to even the shorter guys have more prominent shoulders and fill out the classic look. The best amount of buttons is six, with two rows of three buttons on the outside, along with an additional closure on the inside.

And for the fine details:
For the fabric

Choose an all-season wool that can be worn nearly year round.
For the colour

Opt for dark navy or pinstripes – classic without the strictness of basic black
For the pants

When you go with double-breasted styles, choose pleats and cuffs – they are vital to complete the look.
For the shirt

Take advantage of the broad shoulders for a wide-collar shirt, instead of choosing the simple straight collar. Go even more formal with French cuffs and cuff links to complete the look.
For the accessories

A pocketsquare. Do it. (And match every event with a 17-pack of Silk Solid Pocket Squares). Gorgeous.

Can you pull it off? Post us a link with your signature swagger, killing it in your double-breasted duds.

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