Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Pink is beautiful

The Spring 2012 edition of Esquire’s Big Black Book features a beautiful series of articles on colours often shunned by gents.
Among these hues, pink is probably most often dismissed because of its strong feminine connotation (haven’t we all learned that pink is for girls and blue for boys?).
However, BBB’s article reminds us that up until the mid-20th century, baby boys were most often dressed in pink and not blue. Before the dawn of the 50s, pink evoked “masculine strength” and army khaki pants were called pinks because of their slight shade of pink.
Far from advocating a strong return of pink in our wardrobes, we still want to bring to your attention that it should not be avoided. It has great coordination potential and will breathe its pizzazz and lightness into your ensembles.
Here are a few examples.
bespoke suit
Photo taken on the page of Facebook friends “Pocket Square Lovers” : © Karl-Edwin Guerre
bespoke suit
Seashore composition by Marc Guyot
bespoke suit

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