Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to Choose Shirts for Business

A wide range of men's shirt style dress, social occasions, formal occasions, the suit or casual wear with holiday, best reflects the personality and taste of a man, sometimes also involves the question of etiquette, what kind of occasions for what kind of shirt or have a lot of learning.
 In your business life, no matter what kind of suit you wear to attend what occasions, shirt and you inseparable. We will tell you the following two questions: First, what is a summer shirt, what characteristics it has, how to choose; Second, Today, the style of the shirt is not only numerous, and learn from each fusion style design, it is dazzled. So, how different under the collar, sleeves-election on the shirt? We will bring you the the the midsummer the shirt of Commerce collar and sleeves Raiders.
The fresh linen business casual shirt
Linen shirt is undoubtedly one of the summer most worthy investment shirts. Linen fabric than other fabrics can reduce the body's sweating, water absorption rate than silk, artificial silk, or even several times faster than cotton! Scorching sun, this natural linen breathable, moisture, making it the textiles breathe freely. Due to the many advantages of flax, plus elegant shades of returning to nature, to be recognized as the environmentally friendly products.
White shirt = Universal Business Apparel
If in the height of summer, you can only choose a shirt, I would choose a high-quality white shirt. In any case, the most acceptable dress shirt, that can cause the grade, grade, the personal credibility Best repercussions are still, and will continue to be a white shirt. When the color coordination with or in contrast, solid color and a suit, a tie match. White is so effective, that must explain it alone.

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