Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Evolution of Men Suits

A lot of changes have been made in its style, often with a flat collar, single row of New York-style, rounded hem whirl collar, flat hem the double row Zealand style. Suit suits and one-piece tops distinction suit jacket and pants tailoring of the same material with the same color, which can be used for dress with three-piece suit with a vest. Wearing a formal suit and the tie. The one-piece tops can be worn with a variety of pants, may not have to wear a tie, which can also be lined sweater or pullover.

The suit originated in Europe in the 17th century, it has a profound cultural connotations, and want to know the suit culture can not fail to recall the history of the suit.

Suit of the Patriarchs: 1690, study Manchester Cole

First half of the 17th century, the era of Louis XIV, the long dress-knee-length coat "study Manchester Cole and slightly shorter than its" Best ", and tight-fitting pants and a half," Cue Roth " the stage of history, constitute an integral form of the modern three-piece suit and wearing habits. The former Manchester Cole placket hole is generally not buckle to buckle few grains only buckle waist line - this is a modern, single-breasted suit is generally not buttoning a shirt is not as rude, two buttons only buckle above a wearing habits of origin.

Tie ancestor: 1705 carats Bart

1670-1675, Croatian light cavalry as Louis XIV nearly guards serving in Paris, they were known as the "carat Bart nearly guards, a linen cloth tied around his neck to cause people to imitate men's neckline indispensable ornament This is the ancestor of the modern necktie "carat Bart." Trousers is

Modern suit was born in the lounge: 1853, rabon base · jacket

In tems of Victorian British upper class,, many etiquette stress, social activities, especially at night, men must wear a tuxedo, need mannered Tantubusu. After dinner, the men gathered in the restaurant next to the lounge and rest, and only here, before they can smoke, drink brandy, joke, and lay down on the sofa, then that starched tuxedo tight package body does not seem timely. Thus, a loose tailless jacket as a lounge dedicated clothes boarded the stage of history, this is the "pull of Weng-based · jacket generates about 1848 years ago. In quite some time, this jacket is not frivolous, limited seating or picnic, walking and other leisure wear. Half of the nineteenth century, this rise to an important species in the men's jacket, then Oxford University, Cambridge University students to wear jackets of Oxford, Cambridge coats are of this shape.

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