Sunday, March 31, 2013

Classic White Tuxedo Shirt

White Tuxedo Shirt
$ USD 69.00
Fabric: 100 %cotton
Occasion: banquet, wedding ,concert
White tuxedo dress shirt,classic style and elegant look.It is specially designed for wedding and high-grade party.Complementing a necktie,it definitely makes you stand out and flashy.

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Solid Office Gray Tailored Shirt

Gray Tailored Shirt
$ USD 69.00
Fabric: 100%cotton
Occasion: business and leisure
Solid Office Gray shirt,classic office style,suitable with all types of business suits.Slim fit makes you look energetic and spirited.It is easy to wear and a versatile custom shirt.

Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Buying Custom Clothing Online

Before having wild dreams about sewing opulent and sumptuous materials, you need to take a little reality. These custom clothes on a budget, you will never match the service or in the tissues of a Savile Row professional online traders. said, you can definitely expect something much better than the usual "ready to use" rate if you make the effort to do things. While many first portals came with significant quality problems, the situation has improved considerably over time best shops have begun to introduce top Italian fabrics, free alterations, digital techniques for sewing precision cutting and strengthening support networks customers.
No doubt, pay dividends to read about each company before fully appreciate their commitment to the creation of fashion and have a stronger idea of ​​what you can expect from this service.Tissu Premier
Looking at the screen, you'll feel every fabric is nothing less than perfection, should not therefore surprising to learn that one of the biggest disappointments most experienced men and tailors is the unsatisfactory quality of the fabric or irregular delivery.
What is not seen in the photos is gloriously illuminated the true meaning of the textile thickness, depth of color, texture and quality. You can find their merino wool pants are much heavier and darker than expected, or a top spinning cotton shirt have much thinner and lighter.
Therefore, if you are particularly difficult to obtain perfect results (and why not?) Find a dealer offering tissue samples or sample kits pre-purchase.
Tissue samples of a suit
These are free or very cheap, in the worst case, the cost of the sample will be deducted from future purchases - anyway, you should not be out of pocket too, and you'll have a much better idea as to After dressed in terms of appearance.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Dark Blue Shawl Lapel Three Piece Suit for Men

Three Piece Suit for Men

Dark Blue Shawl Lapel Three Piece Suit for Men
$ USD 359.00
Fabric: Navy Wool
Wool Yarn:100's
Occasion: Wedding
Gorgeous style and one of the best sellers as a wedding suit and social suit.Let alone it is tailored made and individually designed to your requirements and measurements which means it is unique to you not anyone else.As a custom suit,it fits better and lasts longer.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Double Breasted Khaki Suit

Double Breasted Khaki Suit
$ USD 299.00
Fabric: wool
Wool Yarn:super100s
Occasion: business and casual
Double breasted Khaki Suit,more acceptable for middle-aged man.Light color shirt is preferable to match with this type. Also,it shows maturity to s ceratin extent.As a bespoke suit,It makes you stand out is professional in bespoke suit,exclusive designed,full canvas wedding suit Top quality suits for men -choose us and believe us

Friday, March 22, 2013

Elegant Gray Striped Suits For Men

 Gray Striped Suits For Men
 Gray Striped Suits For Men
 Gray Striped Suits For Men
 Gray Striped Suits For Men
$ USD 289.00
Fabric: Cashmere wool
Wool Yarn:super 120's wool
Occasion: business meeting
This gray tone is low-key,but specially suitable for those who want to demonstrate a intelligent,elegant and reliable image.This custom suit is really a good option for doers and totally can increase the temperament and chic.perfect as a business suit.

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Perfect Shirt

There are many complex components to achieve the perfect dress shirt. Bright whites and vivid colors, crisp collars and cuffs French cuffs attached correctly, the exact levels of starch, platelets smooth, and the button to check some of the factors that require constant attention.

Our premium shirt shows our attention to countless details, collar stays providing appropriately sized, repair missing buttons, broken or cracked, and repair seams or holes. Cuffs and collars are always in a hurry with precision. In perfect shirt is not an error is the result of intense efforts of many actors.

dress shirt

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Wedding White Suits

These outfits are very suitable for your greeting and for the wedding. Our wedding suits would absolutely impress your friends and family members who are attending your wedding. A bridegroom's wear is an important element to be measured during an auspicious season like a wedding.

High quality textiles are used to fashion Double Breasted suits to make men comfy, bright and formal all over the day. Men prefer double breasted for executive trips and general occasio

white suit

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Men's Dress fashion Sale

  •  This flexible coat is at home with slacks or jeans
  • Suede elbow patches add craggy good looks
  • Center back expel for ease of movement
  • Full polyester lining
  • Corduroy sport coat - short, reg, tall sizes (click here)
Our classic corduroy sport coat goes with basically everything, from jeans to slacks. Sport tailored coat features suede elbow patches and western style. Two front pockets and two within breast pockets. Front and back western yokes. Button closure and Made of 100 % cotton, imported.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

The Man’s suits

men suits

The man suit is the established structure of men’s official dress in the world. The modern suit appeared in the before time 19th century, nevertheless the coat’s beginning sketch to the simplified, sartorial normal of clothes traditional by the British king Charles II in the 17th century, and redefined, modified, and popularized in the early 19th century, by the British dandy Beau Brummell.

In 1666, the restored emperor, Charles II, per the example of King Louis XIV’s court at Versailles, decreed that in the English Court men would dress in a long coat, a waistcoat a cravat, a hairpiece, and knee breeches ,and a hat.

In the early 1800s, Brummel’s technique led European men to wearing understated, well-cut, adapted men suits, decked with richly knotted neckties. Brummel's authority introduced the fashion of the new suit and necktie. Moreover, he popularized normal) bathing as part of a man's toilet.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

How to Choose Shirts for Business

A wide range of men's shirt style dress, social occasions, formal occasions, the suit or casual wear with holiday, best reflects the personality and taste of a man, sometimes also involves the question of etiquette, what kind of occasions for what kind of shirt or have a lot of learning.
 In your business life, no matter what kind of suit you wear to attend what occasions, shirt and you inseparable. We will tell you the following two questions: First, what is a summer shirt, what characteristics it has, how to choose; Second, Today, the style of the shirt is not only numerous, and learn from each fusion style design, it is dazzled. So, how different under the collar, sleeves-election on the shirt? We will bring you the the the midsummer the shirt of Commerce collar and sleeves Raiders.
The fresh linen business casual shirt
Linen shirt is undoubtedly one of the summer most worthy investment shirts. Linen fabric than other fabrics can reduce the body's sweating, water absorption rate than silk, artificial silk, or even several times faster than cotton! Scorching sun, this natural linen breathable, moisture, making it the textiles breathe freely. Due to the many advantages of flax, plus elegant shades of returning to nature, to be recognized as the environmentally friendly products.
White shirt = Universal Business Apparel
If in the height of summer, you can only choose a shirt, I would choose a high-quality white shirt. In any case, the most acceptable dress shirt, that can cause the grade, grade, the personal credibility Best repercussions are still, and will continue to be a white shirt. When the color coordination with or in contrast, solid color and a suit, a tie match. White is so effective, that must explain it alone.

Monday, March 11, 2013


A coat was the uppermost layer of the 18th century man's suit, worn over waistcoat and breeches. Both the cut and the title of the fashionable coat saw several evolutions through the course of the century. In the late 17th and early 18th centuries a coat was a relatively straight loose garment, with the slight fullness in the knee-length skirts falling into folds over the backside of the hips. In the 1720s and 1730s the skirts of the fashionable coat grew in volume and were set into regular pleats. In the 1730s an alternative to the weighty full skirted coat was developed. This new fashioned coat, with narrow skirts set in pleats and other defining features, including a collar, was termed a Frock. Through the middle decades of the century both the coat and the frock were worn, coats being for fashionable full dress, frocks for fashionable undress. By the 1770s the distinctions in purpose and terminology were becoming blurred. None but the most conservative older man would be seen in a full-skirted coat. The man had entered into fashionable full dress, and was by many simply referred to as a custom coat. In the closing decade of the 18th century and into

Friday, March 8, 2013

Tuxedo --Traditional Suits

The tuxedo is a man suit of garments in the semi-formal, black bind evening dress caucus. A traditional tuxedo covering is woolen and single-breasted. The jacket has peaked, shawl, nick, or trick lapel usually covered with satin, and more recent styles are trimmed in grosgrain or wool. The knob should be satin-covered. Trousers must be in the same wool as the jacket, with the side seams festooned in an inch-wide satin ribbon toning the lapel. The dress shirt is white with connected cuffs.

The shirt may be pleated with a turn-down choker and French or barrel chains, or have a pique bib front with either a turn-down choker and French chains or a wing collar and barrel chains. Tradition dictates a black bow tie that complements the lapel, cummerbund or low-cut 3-button waistcoat, and patent leather Oxford shoes properly accessorize the tuxedo. More contemporary styles often feature a full 5 or 6 button vest matching the tint of one's partner's dress, with a matching bow tie or four-in-hand-tangled tie of the same color.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

The Evolution of Men Suits

A lot of changes have been made in its style, often with a flat collar, single row of New York-style, rounded hem whirl collar, flat hem the double row Zealand style. Suit suits and one-piece tops distinction suit jacket and pants tailoring of the same material with the same color, which can be used for dress with three-piece suit with a vest. Wearing a formal suit and the tie. The one-piece tops can be worn with a variety of pants, may not have to wear a tie, which can also be lined sweater or pullover.

The suit originated in Europe in the 17th century, it has a profound cultural connotations, and want to know the suit culture can not fail to recall the history of the suit.

Suit of the Patriarchs: 1690, study Manchester Cole

First half of the 17th century, the era of Louis XIV, the long dress-knee-length coat "study Manchester Cole and slightly shorter than its" Best ", and tight-fitting pants and a half," Cue Roth " the stage of history, constitute an integral form of the modern three-piece suit and wearing habits. The former Manchester Cole placket hole is generally not buckle to buckle few grains only buckle waist line - this is a modern, single-breasted suit is generally not buttoning a shirt is not as rude, two buttons only buckle above a wearing habits of origin.

Tie ancestor: 1705 carats Bart

1670-1675, Croatian light cavalry as Louis XIV nearly guards serving in Paris, they were known as the "carat Bart nearly guards, a linen cloth tied around his neck to cause people to imitate men's neckline indispensable ornament This is the ancestor of the modern necktie "carat Bart." Trousers is

Modern suit was born in the lounge: 1853, rabon base · jacket

In tems of Victorian British upper class,, many etiquette stress, social activities, especially at night, men must wear a tuxedo, need mannered Tantubusu. After dinner, the men gathered in the restaurant next to the lounge and rest, and only here, before they can smoke, drink brandy, joke, and lay down on the sofa, then that starched tuxedo tight package body does not seem timely. Thus, a loose tailless jacket as a lounge dedicated clothes boarded the stage of history, this is the "pull of Weng-based · jacket generates about 1848 years ago. In quite some time, this jacket is not frivolous, limited seating or picnic, walking and other leisure wear. Half of the nineteenth century, this rise to an important species in the men's jacket, then Oxford University, Cambridge University students to wear jackets of Oxford, Cambridge coats are of this shape.

Monday, March 4, 2013

How to distinguish a Savile Row suit

tailored suits

Series II, Savile Row tailored suits are three modes of production: the rack and custom. Here is the process from the top tailored Savile Row (pbuh), to talk about various techniques to identify high quality suits1. A special editionA special edition tailors specifically invited by the body of a family-level Shi cut a version of type, but not like some of the countries known as the leading tailors as well as in the current version of the modified rate (adjusted namely Professional Edition on the button), because it can be considered semi-custom. China does not have a British sense of bespoke suits, bespoke suit suits with interlining is not really advanced. As usual semi-custom home, including authentic Italian big men in the country are also semi-custom service (full British or Italian tailors fly domestic services, prices immediately led the trial is repeatedly. wealthy and total power expenditure home and abroad will include flew to the European custom)2. Horn button or pearl button3. A suit or a shirt, resin buckle finish the most common plastic buckle or quality, even poor. It is a series of requirements noble style, best tailors of Savile Mr. Mahon noted in particular: Savile buttoned suit must be some kind of natural material fact, a good selection of what is horn . But sometimes, the Savile Row suit with pearl button shell for a nice shine.

3. Buttons organizedClosing the left is an overlay on other buttons, shells, called right-click a button called kissing time, stick in the world as the kissing, it seems more orthodox and solemn.
4. How keyholeSuits, all buttonholes hand locking sleeves buttons below to open a real keyhole buttonholes and hand instead eyelet buttonhole machine labor, long hours, so usually 15 minutes at a time, and can not be ordered as a machine keyhole, but its value as a costume level indicator when it is essential not to dress like.

tailored suits

5. Bar and GrillStriped or photos Savile Row suit attention on the tape on the grill. Pouch pocket and cover scratches to cover the bottom of scratches due to tiles in boxes and pouches of the body is to be consistent. Overall a lot of work, so that the network not only the cost of materials and labor. In the figure below, to the left of the demand on the network is very clean, perfect and flawless, the right of the bar clearly even done. Adaptation of Savile Row suit, joining the British tradition, highlighting the alignment lines, Slim and senses. Often slightly wider shoulder, waist, upper body was hourglass. Thin pads allows the shoulder line and the natural arm to provide a space for activities.

6. StyleSaville style custom suit as well as other parties can not be compared. T there is often a change in your pocket lines, purse and bags oblique, for example, where the size of the bag can be used according to the real needs of customers size requirements do. Map bags, pencil cases, cell phone pocket, bags, small interests, big bags small bags and other options. Of course, the style is determined by factors such as time of form, color and wear. Former British Prime Minister Tony Blair, often oblique style dress pocket, or the right to add an entry in the bag (ticket pocket). Pants are thousands of styles to choose from, the British as flat front pants look wrinkled or double ply front pants.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Three Buttons Custom Suits

Many people prefer a simple three-button custom suits better, the back is not too low. This measure improves both suits tailored to our own national characteristics and the rich flavor of the time, no tie, as long as the garment is well chosen, on occasion, both casual and formal is very convenient.
High quality suits and body must adapt to it, the material is soft and comfortable to wear. The test must not have wrinkles. Side vents classic cuts. If you want to be fashionable, you can choose the style without slots. Anyone can take three Benussi installed, regardless of size, age and feeling occupation.The another way to put three or charged or connected Benussi classic and elegant.
Three buttons 5 200x300 tailored suits
The right to use the mode: a home button or two at the top.

Using traditional law: the loop button in the center.

If the act of measuring the neck edge of covers suit jacket buttons above the belt of one or two buttons on the top.