Wednesday, October 24, 2012

10 Basic Clothes Items That Every Man's Wardrobe Needs

Build a wardrobe that never goes out of fashion a long-term investment and helps keep your budget in line of clothing, while their best. The first step, however, is to understand the basics of the foundation construction site. Must rely on a few items available that can be used for every situation. Here are the 10 fundamental absolutes is that everyone should have on hand - and the rest of his body.
A. Dark gray suit - Every man needs at least one color is gray, but the marina is a good second choice. Gray office work, maintenance or emergency if you have to look your best. If you can afford a custom suit to ensure the quality and conservative. Two or three buttons, single-breasted suits look good on almost any body type. Avoid wrinkles and go for flat front pants. Before you buy, know your measurements. Make sure everything fits comfortably because it is long.
Second white shirt - a jacket or a sports jacket, which is fine, but also gives it a scantily clad, even if you forgot to shave or comb. To avoid flying on quality, because the shirt will get a lot of miles and should last. Make sure the fabric is strong, as the Oxford 100% cotton with two layers, ending 80 child. Avoid buttoned collar, because they limit their versatility, look too casual.
Third jacket or blazer - Nothing is more versatile and attractive as well designed jacket or blazer too. You can be in a variety of situations, such as working, going out with friends at a bar or an officer get together. It's great for fall and spring and thin enough to fit under a coat in winter. Blue works well with anything, just go with jeans, a polo shirt or a button. There are many styles to choose from, but keep a jacket with brass buttons and gold. Looking average weight of wool son so you can use all year round. As for the cut, keep it simple: no cross button styles or four. Choose a classic two-button with a single opening in the rear wings large and medium enterprises.
Fourth dark jeans - Ten years ago, did not have the list of all, but times have changed. Dark jeans are now a staple in the wardrobe of a man. It can be used in a good restaurant, most jobs are not trading day and just need a disc. Go for some comfort, quality and without cracks. Avoid baggy and skinny, but just right. Stay away from luxury brands to proclaim their status visible in the ass. It may be cool now, but it will not be in a few years. Minimizes discoloration of indigo by washing hands with cold water and allow to air dry. If you need to put in the washing machine, make sure the interior. With a setting of cold water, no clothes other hand will bleed indigo white, gray etc.,
Fifth black dress shoes - A good pair corresponds to most applications (except coffee), and you can not go wrong with the look of the laces. They are widely used, such as work or any occasion that calls for a bit of paperwork. So take the leap of quality leather and sew a trusted brand. Remember, women are also a concern so at their feet. Avoid the place and look a little rounded. If you stand all day, I recommend you purchase your design generous Ecco shoe sole. To keep your pair of faces, sure to get a quality bitumen and cedar game.
Sixth Khaki / Chinese - is good for the summer, go shopping every day of the week or the deadline for work. You can even sleep. There are always discussions about the differences and the origin of this type of pants, but that's for another day. The fact is that you must have at least one or the other. Usually, more casual khaki with two more in detail in the seat and thigh. Chinese are generally a lighter shade, and a linear fit. So it depends on what you are looking for. Both must be 100% cotton twill with a flat front. If it is long, wrap or hem.
Seventh Shoes - This is a classic pair of sneakers to relax after work, hang out with friends at a bar or walking around town with the lady. It is important to get a subtle color that can match with jeans, chinos or casual pants. They are inexpensive, so you can get a pair of white for the summer and a little darker in the spring and fall. Avoid bright colors and flashy labels, as these unusable after the melted fashion. Personally, I prefer Converse Chuck Taylor or Jack Purcell top of John Varvatos.
Eighth V-Neck Sweater - The V-neck is the area of ​​your neck and allows you to open naturally. This is very similar to any folder, but also works well with a polo or shirt. Choose a sweater with ribbed cuffs, collar and bottom to fit your building, so it is not loose or flabby appearance. The V must be large enough for this. With a collared shirt, but also small enough to fit in a shirt If you want one or two, choose darker colors that can be done with something like gray, navy or chocolate brown games. Also go with a sleeveless style is an excellent choice for spring or fall.
Ninth Care - This is the only accessory that made our list because it is the most important. These days, people use their mobile phones to tell the time, but if you have a classic rock on the wrist, nothing better reflect your personality with a personal statement about your style. It is a worthwhile investment, take a little time, which, however, must be careful because there are many possibilities. The clock must be high quality, masculine, but the most important is to wear something that is comfortable. Metal bands and classic full-grain leather, but is ideal for a casual look. Keep your sports watch in the gym.
10th Polo - Another element that works well in many situations. Polo dress shirts are a great summer, but also suitable for work, happy hour, and when the night can cause. They come in a variety of colors, but for a basic collection with boot gray blue, green and black. Again, it may take some time, looking for quality and comfort. Ralph Lauren is a bit cliche, so look for something unique. I recommend a fine adjustment pole with a smooth finish, but in the end there are so many options, it's up to you. As tempting as it may not appear on the neck or button the top button.

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