Monday, October 29, 2012

How to Choose a Suit Style

Understand how to choose a style of custom suit is important for those who purchase an interest in men's fashion, or in the market for a new suit.
Beyond the basics of single-breasted and double-breasted collar and cuffs peak lapel, two buttons and three buttons, understand the differences between the different color set critical.
Anthracite suit:
If a man was to have a single stick should be a dark gray wool two parts. Charcoal adds more men than dyed navy blue suit is less formal and more like a funeral in a black suit. It also allows flexibility. It can be combined with most of shirt and tie combinations in a variety of colors and designs, combined with black, brown or cordovan shoes and wear more semi-formal.
The navy blue suit:
The dark navy blue suit was the first bridge between formal and informal costume granted the status of business wear and suitable for non-semi-formal black tie events. This is the ultimate combination of power, often combined with a white shirt and dark red tie President, not to mention Gordon Gekko in Wall Street glory. This should be an essential part of the wardrobe of a man.

The Black Suit:
Black suits are difficult. During the day, they tend to give a sad and vaguely threatening. Especially in contrast to the complexion - While working for some people, it is best to leave the black suit in the closet until one night, a semi-formal event, a funeral, or clergy.
Brown costume:
"Never wear brown in town", says the proverb. The brown suit, thanks in large part to abuses during the era of menswear cheap polyester suit is the most slandered. During Ronald Reagan inspired a brief revival, brown is always the mark of a non-conformist. The tailored suit was brown, though. Several characteristics of good (except for the fact that it is gray or dark blue), which is often overlooked is versatile in harmony with a variety of shirt and tie combinations. The colors that are difficult to relate to gray and navy blue as beige, green and gold go well with brown. For men clear complexion and sandy blond or red hair, a brown suit looks particularly attractive.

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