Sunday, October 28, 2012

A Brief History of the Modern Day Suit

Today you can buy something cheaply made or very good "off the shelf" and bespoke suits, tailored suits and costumes.
It was not always have developed such a variety and fashion costumes. In fact, modern dress, now often called the suit, in the UK, it is only since the 19th Century existed. However, history shows that men's suits, although very different now, was only in the 17th Century in fashion, as the King of England, following the example of the King of France, said that in court, men should wear a long coat, a scarf (now ex-aequo), vest, pants, wig and hat.
In the 1800s, Europeans began using layers of less formal, but always with a tie. In the mid-19th Century, the suit aside for companies, the Levites, not the set with the pants. A suit late 19 Century art began as a casual wear to sports events, visits are used to the sea, on the land.
Costumes and was so popular, nearly all the men had at least one, depending on your income and social status.
In the 20th Century, ready to wear, including men's suits were sold in department stores in the United States. During the 20th Century there was a change in popularity of various types of suits for men.

At the end of World War I, long coats mostly disappeared and men began to wear suits with short layers, except for formal occasions. First, the pants were right, but wide and tied up, wrinkled, sometimes quite high, and size. In the 1920s, the costumes fit and legs showed the socks. In 1935, Coats was flexible installation, matched with sharp weapons and pants. In the 1930s, especially in the United States Harlem in New York, the zoot suit was a hit. Sometimes I still see them.
Double-breasted suits of the 1940s were double-breasted, which remains the most important means of layers for 20 years. In the 1960s, double-breasted suit was on the verge of extinction and fell back and the layers were cut so it was a waist.
England, then brought the Beatles collarless jacket suits, dresses, like the time. Then came the mod suit and costume Mandarin. It was the safari suit in the 1970s that the military replica clothing and casual wear, we will say no more! The costume disco costume 3 piece set was very popular in the 1970s, with flared trousers or bell-bottom. The 1980s showed a return of over tapered trousers.
Tailor this costume day varies depending on where you've written or designed. British suits jacket usually strong with two openings at the back of the pad and shoulders almost. Italian suits have no mouths normally, and are slightly tapered, with heavily padded shoulders. Americans are casual suits with shoulder pads moderate, sloping sides and a separate ventilation. They sometimes have side vents or louvers in both back
For 2011 and 2012 are the cuts that matters. Think broad shoulders, narrow waist and lower body and the most flattering for every body type male, what makes a man confident and masculine. It's the classic style with a Victorian style imitate formal know-how in the 1930s, and the thinness of the 1960s. But not as thin as a few years ago, but thin and a half with the top button of the court. Although only chest elegant suits double breasted suits have made a comeback, and that not only develops and much better place.

Both combinations should have a front pocket. Big enough for a small handkerchief
Synthetic substances from cheap cashmere. But wool is the gold standard of a beautiful costume. The colors vary, but most are still in business around the world with conservative pinstripe or solid colors in shades of gray, navy and black. However, the controls and frameworks for games to be used, also, especially in the UK.
Although the styles have changed over the years and continue to change, a well-designed, custom made suit is always a good selection of designer fabrics and workmanship, if successful, are flattering. Of course, if the cost is not a consideration, you can put a costume, choose their own hand-cut and crafted by a wonderful tailor-made dress is especially important in the famous Savile Row in London. There are many fashion designers all over the world in order, you can buy ready, nice suits, of course, be modified to reflect fit your body and your taste.

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