Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Mismatched jackets for summer

If the directory is developed tweeds winter, summer also has its classics, sports coats and blazer. But their choices often seem more complicated, perhaps this is due to the sun and its light, which normally crushes us ... We will prefer clarity. For if the reasons do not scare us usual, we still some scruples now. Here tonight three simple proposals, classic, almost essential to the wardrobe for the summer. The colors are voluntarily united, and that to facilitate associations with ties and shirts. This guarantees longevity too far from the whims of fashion  bespoke suits .
So you might have in your closet, in order, a blazer, a mock-Saharan Africa, a color 'string' jacket: Three proposals so simplistic. The blazer firstly, crossover or straight (easier to carry) is blue but can vary in this tone, as here in a proposal for Brooks Brothers. Historically and in the sea, we did make the pants in the old sailing fishing, often dusty pink color. With, canvas sneakers and a shirt with blue stripes, completing all simply.

The Sahara - which by the way is not really - with its many pockets with flaps is very useful for you travelers or fly. You can cram inside it all your accessories, phone, keys, cards, wallet etc.. which are safe and do not risk falling if you defeat the jacket. White, it is easy to complete a sand or khaki, or blue chino. It is a versatile piece of cotton!
Finally, the little cheap custom suits  still useful in the pockets of average wool colored string. It is the ideal companion of jeans. As it remains united, it can be completed and the urge of the time: checks, stripes, various colors, small patterns etc..
Note that these proposals can vary widely, staying on the same classical base, with a multitude of accessories and shoes. And you, what jacket often use? Do you have any other ideas?

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