Sunday, August 11, 2013

"summer style"

Summer is here, proceed as you want everyone to traditional combo cheap custom suits/short/tongs ... What could be more banal, vulgar limit, give you the color of the class, the same dandy!
You know, it is not enough to shorten your clothes for less the weight of the heat raging above our heads!
Then choose materials, noble but to spend the summer with the comfort and style of the Croisette.
Have you ever seen Roger Moore wander the world known streets of Monaco wearing shorts, a tank top and a cap? Unthinkable, you say? So stay on this page, you're not a stylistic totally hopeless case! :-)
Anyway, back to our sheep, what could be more elegant than strutting arm Madame, dressed in a sailor blazer and pants color?
You may say "you see it for decades in old British holidaying on the coast (sorry Roger)" and you do not have totally wrong, however getting a bit dandy gentlemen, so give in to fashion and chino Moreover, return, combine them moccasins color, very lively in a blazer pocket (marine), although close to the body and voila!
This dress bespoke suit code, close evenings "white" of our late Eddy Barclay, is not without displeasing has a wide range, having said that, you'll stand out from the cut and material of your stylistic attributes!
Do not hesitate, dare color dare style, become Dandy, summer makes it possible to view the follies the austere winter hideout in our wardrobes!

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