Friday, May 3, 2013

Man's Fashion Website

Alpha M Image Consulting – If this was a video blogger list, Aaron would be number one.  He is an entertainer/educator/leader when it comes to men’s style advice online.  The only reason he wasn’t in my top ten is almost everything he put’s out is video based.  Therefore he isn’t technically a blogger – but a vlogger.  That being said if you are not watching his channel you are missing a great show full of humor and sound style tips.  Highly recommended.
Art of ManlinessA great collection of all things manly. I write a number of the clothing articles over there and only 5% of the 1000+ articles are on style –  so I couldn’t put it in our top 10 (some bias there!), but it’s a great site. Lifestyle, clothing, practical skills, and more.
Ask Andy About Clothes –A venerable guide and web forum. Probably one of the largest communities for menswear fans out there. Your first stop for any obscure fashion questions you need a simple answer to.
Be Stylish - General fashion blog with a mix of product reviews, fashion history, and basic how-tos. Less frequent updates than some of our Top 10, but still good material here.
Black Tie Guide – The authority on all things formalwear. A vital guide for anyone planning on wearing a tuxedo. Don’t let the name mislead you — the “Black Tie Guide” has sections to help you with white tie, morning coats, and other variants of formalwear as well.
Fashion Beans – For the runway fans out there. A sort of online glamor mag with all the latest looks from menswear designers. Lots of photospreads and catwalk shots — and, of course, an online store where you can buy many of the products they feature.
The Gentlemen’s Standard – A style-and-perspective blog targeted specifically at men of color. Very classic style mixed with more thoughtful essays on the role and nature of a “gentleman.”
Le Vrai Winston – Photoblog presenting sample outfits for a wide range of circumstances, both professional and social. Every post creates a new outfit and runs through its elements one by one.
Made by Hand – A blog focused specifically on tailoring and bespoke construction. Infrequent updates, but good when they arrive.
Men’s Style Pro – Sabir Peele has created a solid collection of men’s style advice as he chronicles his style journey through photographs, outfit reviews, and style looks.  Philadelphia based – he brings a young and fresh view.  Need advice – contact him about style advice!
Modern Gentleman - Updates once or twice a month with solid, basic information articles. Also includes a useful glossary of style and fashion terms.
Off the Cuff - Off the Cuff has been around since 2006, making it a venerable oldster by the standards of the internet. They usually update once or twice a week, but the updates are long and full of substance, both written and visual. It’s also a deeply-connected website, working frequently with greats of men’s fashion like Alan Flusser. It brings a lot of content to the table, quite a bit of it both unique and exclusive.
Primer – “A Guy’s Post-Graduate Guide to Growing Up,” targeted primarily at young men in their 20s and 30s. Has some useful advice for men who don’t have the budget for lots of bespoke clothing. Covers lifestyle, housing, food and drink, etc., in addition to menswear.
Street Etiquette – Photoblog of outfits seen on the street all over the world. A great look at all different kinds of fashion.
Style Forum - Another of the original menswear forums on the internet. Many subforums for every kind of niche imaginable. A good place to go with fashion or style questions.
Style Girlfriend – A rare woman’s perspective on men’s style. Megan does a great job suggesting complete outfits, dispensing style tips, and is attentive to her growing community.  She is also a Wisconsinite living in New York City – Midwest sensibilities with a big city perspective.
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