Saturday, May 25, 2013

Suits, Blazers and Sport Coats

Ideally you won’t need much in the way of jackets for warm climates.  Southern gentlemen in the United States occasionally choose to sport a seersucker suit, but most men won’t have enough use for one to warrant the considerable investment.  Light-colored men suits in linen, cotton, or “tropical” wools work well if you happen to have one, and if you plan on spending considerable time in a hot climate we recommend buying one; otherwise, make do with khaki trousers and a blazer.  Sometimes called the “California suit,” the navy blazer with brass buttons worn over light khaki trousers is comfortable, classic, and acceptable at all but the highest levels of formality in warm climates.  Skipping the necktie and wearing it over an open collar is less formal, but more comfortable.
If you must wear a suit, then wear the lightest fabric and lightest earth tone suit you have
Suggested Packing List for a Week in Warm Weather
The following list is a good starting point.  Use your judgment and knowledge of the what you can expect in terms of weather, social environment and your activity level to fill in the details.   Remember that your goal is to pack light, pack smart and pack sharp.
Clothing Item Suggested Amount
Underwear 6 pairs
Socks 4 pairs
Polo shirts / Short-sleeved shirts 2 pairs
Long-sleeved lightweight dress shirts 2 pairs
Trousers 2 pairs
Boat shoe or moccasins 1 pair
Dress shoes 1 pair
Activity clothing (e.g. beachwear) -
Workout clothing 1 set
Suit / Blazer jacket (if necessary) -
Lightweight cashmere sweater* 1
Dopp kit -
*Optional: Sometimes warm weather climates have warm days, but cool nights. Pack at your own discretion

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