Wednesday, May 22, 2013

The Best Website for Men’s Clothing Deals?

Are you looking for discounts on men’s clothing?
Perhaps you’re wanting to imitate a look you saw Ryan Gosling or Brad Pitt wearing in the latest movie?
Or maybe you’re hard to please – and not only do you want the above but you also require solid information about grooming products, manly drinks, watches, and the occasional woman’s opinion delivered to your email or RSS feeder?
Have I got a website for you.
Dappered is a bargain hunter’s dream come true.  Updated daily – or more during quick changing sales is the brainchild of a smart gentlemen named Joe Weber.
Joe first appeared on my radar when he first guest posted over at Primer Magazine and later the Effortless Gent and Art of Manliness.  He impressed me then with his strong writing and knowledge – and he impresses me even more today by the way he has grown a community of bargain shopping men who share the best beals on the web and give insights into their purchases and finds.
Video of why is the Best Men’s Clothing Deal Site on the Web.

Here is an example of his writing style – he addresses a style problem, then provides solutions and links so that you can solve it immediately!

His ask a woman column is one of my favorites – although I believe every man should make his own style decisions, it is always worth hearing what the fairer sex has to say about issues that many of us might not have even thought to address.  Such as back hair :)

Last but not least – Joe is doing a great job building up a style community of bargain hunters in his very clean and well put together menswear forum.  Men who want to make their dollar stretch and are willing to share their finds and with others.
Dappered Threads
Discounts on men’s clothing:

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