Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Men’s Elegance

It is our pleasure to report on the (very) recent arrival of (very) talented Manolo Costa on Madison Avenue, in the very heart of Manhattan. This name is familiar to insiders of the limited world of men’s elegance. Before launching on his solo bespoke journey, Manolo was the dresser/stylist/advisor to the most prestigious clients of Paul Stuart/Phineas Cole and then of Polo Ralph Lauren’s.
custom suit
custom suit
Today, Manolo is at the helm of his own bespoke tailoring salon. To say that his very first creations already strongly impress, with the quality of cuts, materials and finish, would be an understatement.
We have a piece in the works on the store front at 286 Madison Avenue for the winter that promises to shed more light on this new stronghold of New York dapperness.
In the meantime, we are leaving you with a preliminary selection of tailoring pieces created by a very promising new label.
tailored made suit

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