Thursday, November 22, 2012

Emulating the Classic Style in “Mad Men”

Mad Men, the hit AMC television series will return for a highly anticipated sixth season. This means some thirteen new episodes of the drama of advertising, chauvinism, intra-office affairs and lots of alcohol. There is also the return to television of the classic 60's style takes on their characters.
During the 1960s, may be most famous for his music, Vietnam, and the civil rights battles, the decade also directed a classic, so strong and manly, what kind of business today I can not leave in the past .

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If you are looking to emulate that style, here's a little inspiration for your wardrobe Mad Men:The suit
If you've ever watched an episode of the series, you are sure to notice men suits, wearing kitchen in Madison Avenue at the time were. These suits have prominent shoulders, a V-shaped front flap labels, thin succeed in producing masculine men. To achieve this style for yourself, you will find a tailored suit that narrow waist and slim is on the lapels. And of course, do not forget your pocket.

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The hat
You may not use a car, but according to many fashion experts that the hat back at last. The classic fedora seen in Mad Men face extinction in the 70s, but has recently emerged as a fashion accessory. Don Draper, the main character of the series, classic felt hats that fit him and his coat. Add a touch of sophistication When searching for your hat, your best bet is probably one that is made of felt and has to seek maximum performance. Just a suggestion.Shoes
Most boys of Madison Avenue ad using black leather shoes. These accessories fit perfectly dark shoes with a suit, but work just as well, if you're looking for something casual. A pair of Oxford shoes suede gray or brown is sure to give you. A look that still relies on the timeless style of the 60s

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The Shave
One thing that is certainly not in the modern era of Mad Men, unkempt facial hair. It meant a fucking hangover and little else. So if you are looking to really emulate Draper or one of the other male characters in the series, you probably want to shave, whether in an old barber shop for full service, old school, or just spend some Shaving reliable. Reliable is the key, as sharp and precise as some razor cuts almost as bad as not at all.
The fashion of the last decades some famous and go out of style. But wear the dress and grooming habits of the 1960s, so far has withstood the test of time. If you are looking for something classic yet timeless, you might want to check AMC! This spring, and some tips specifically shaven suits and hats, shoes and

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