Tuesday, November 13, 2012


 custom suit
The clothing company,MatthewAperry, was established in 2005, specializing in custom suits. The craft of our suits originates from Shanghai "HongBang"the clothes is made by pure manual customization. Skilled tailors are responsible for all process of making to ensure the clothes fit and comfortable.

     In 2003, Steeve (the company founder) felt deeply regret for the gradual loss of Hong Bang craft. And at that time, he was determined to develop the traditional craft help the pure manual custom-made suit back to the market instead of the machine made. Then he invited five"Hong Bang" old tailors to start their new business. In 2008, we hired a famous designer matthew to join our company to make the traditional craft more modern. Our aim is to provide high quality pure manual comfortable suit for our customers. In 2009, the traditional market played a leading role, so we extended the pure manual comfortable suit to the world to let more people know that we provide the best quality clothes with lowest price for the customers.
  Our goal is to provide people all over the world with tailor made suits in high quantity and excellent fabrics with relatively cheap price compared to other custom made suit companies.

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