Tuesday, November 6, 2012

How to Find the Perfect Interview Suit

Most people today hate men suits. There are two reasons for this. Many men have grown up in jeans, t-shirts and sneakers. As such, no "dress" clothes, looks uncomfortable. Second, the men were dressed in clothes "dress" from time to time in his youth poorly constructed, poorly equipped, suits, jackets and pants made of cheap materials. Maintaining perfect wardrobe should match exactly the right color, the right fabric and feel good.
The Cut.
There are two acceptable cuts for men's suits. This is the traditional European Cup and wearing a little loose square cut and classic American. The two sections are now two or three button jacket (never use one or four buttons). The U.S. trial is usually a more traditional look. European clothing is most appropriate and tailored look. Although I like to wear double-breasted suits and are not suitable for interviews - even with law firms or the State Department.
The correct color.
There are two colors that are acceptable for men's suits: dark blue and gray. Blue is dark blue. Long dark gray (or coal) and medium term are good. Gray is questionable for interviews. The costumes can be solid, pinstripe or chalk. In any case, they should look classic and silent - no bosses or worn as racing enthusiasts.
The best material is wool weight throughout the year at 100%. In the heart of winter heavy wool is acceptable. Summer can weigh wool or even poplin (cotton clothing) work at the end of June, July and August. A very small percentage of polyester is acceptable for strength. The fabric should not ignite or texture patterns.
custom suit
Right (comfortable) is necessary.
For a man jacket to fit properly should be the right size and cut. Should also be given to safety. Try jackets until you find one that is easy on the back, chest and shoulders with the top button (if two keys) or center (three buttons) closed. The fingers should be able to just under the hem (bottom) of the terry jacket if the correct length. You should try to wear a jacket sleeve. A pole or not. If the sleeve is set on the chest, shoulders and back (see the 3-way mirror in the dressing room), now try the pants.
Pants, either before or pleated flat front waist adjustment, the seat and crotch. The length should be adjusted. By removing the pockets, the pants are too small. If the pants are way below the navel, then the wait is too long. You need a dress belt and shoes you wear when it comes to dress pants (no slippers!). More on this below.
custom suit
The jacket should fit in several areas. The back is not a bubble, wrinkles or bumps. The collar (or "cap") and lapels should lie flat and not "wing". The sleeves have each measured from the tip of the thumb. Show some wristwatch is a matter of personal taste. I prefer to show a little cuff. Nothing else on the jacket should be adjusted at any time. The cutting size and
Pants must fit at the waist. Try wearing a belt. It is also necessary to adjust the seat. Try to sit in them, if you stay all day. You should not pull ahead. The length of the pants is important. Dress shoes are required for proper fit. Running shoes or sandals are not worn, if installed get a custom suit for the interview. Some men prefer pants to touch the tip of the shoes without interruption (think of a dent in the front bumper). It looks better with pants cuffs. Some men like him, a slight break in the front of the pants. It looks best with a simple hem and smoothly. It's a matter of personal choice and style. Too big break is complicated and said the cheap suit or do not fit correctly.
custom suit
After sewing.
The adjustment is made after the complete combination with a shirt and shoes to try again. Ensure that you have pressed. Try the jacket and pants. Take a look at the 3-way mirror. Then take the jacket and trousers are in front and back. If you pull the wrinkles, bags or pouches or if the legs are different lengths or completely customized it again and sent the complaint back to the setting. When he tries again, remember the shirt and shoes.
In early 2012, with a suitable outfit. The right cut, color and fabric as they bound him with a crisp shirt, a traditional striped or patterned, coordinated belt tight shoes rather conservative and polished image that says all the right things about the candidates for each interview. World Class confident in your hand, the rest is up to you!

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