Sunday, November 18, 2012

Summer Suit

Summer men suits are completely underrated ... They are handsome, sophisticated gentleman, and just cool completely (in the hip mode ... the form of heat). If I wear a nice summer dress I feel like a true Southern gentleman, stepped out on the porch of a mint julep, a wedding in the afternoon in the chapel before. I feel like the great men of the '50s, but updated more.
Summer dresses should not be your standard dark wool suit, too hot and too conservative. You're a good outfit for July and August in three tissues and variations of these materials: Chinese, silk, linen and cotton. Cotton Suits in a few different varieties, but my favorite seersucker come for many reasons, is another option cordlane cotton (as described earlier in this blog). Chinese is technically a cotton too, but I can see how different types of clothing. For the purposes of this blog we will focus on my two favorites ... Seersucker and laundry.

Seersucker is only from the south. It's old school, you can only use in the summer, you must have a modern cut. If the slim fit not seersucker ... it will look as if your grandfather wearing costume (because it has a ... I guarantee it) are. Seersucker come in many different colors, the most common and is marked prominently on DF, is the blue and white variety. They also come in red and white, brown and beige / white and pink and white and join most other colors. (If you find a cream and white seersucker, buy it immediately. They are incredibly beautiful and hard to find.) Love the brown / beige and white get (shown below J.Crew version of this costume is) as a motor Seersucker boot Used with fabric and suit. Blue and white is the most beautiful of the right tie and pocket square (as perfectly in the top of the page is displayed). Always wear a pocket square with his seersucker to help them get dressed. Can be used with or without a tie properly. If you go with the black and blue seersucker and without a cane tie with a blue shirt, pink or light. An important advantage of seersucker is that it does not wrinkle, and what is a bonus!

The elegant and stylish versions of linen summer suit. Bedding is often paired with cotton, wool or silk in a mixed game. I like the suit due to mixing beautiful look that comes from the mixture of substances. Linen suits, all colors, but I would stick with the brown / brown, cream or navy. A gray linen suit can be beautiful too, but I like for evening occasions. Remember that linen wrinkles. This is how the dress will look like, should be wrinkled and seems to really use it. That's part of the look and parcile. For a perfect example of a crumpled linen jacket Check out an appropriate wardrobe.
The remainder of the tailored suit  filed (not the seersucker) are linen suits. The first image below is stolen (I hope you do not mind) from the Satorialist. It is the epitome of the perfect summer dress used to fit perfectly. Congratulations!

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