Friday, April 5, 2013

15 Mens Fashion Tips

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Here is a list of the top fifteen commandments so I gave in the past, revised and enlarged, so you have no excuse to break them in the future:
1. Socks and sandalsHow many times should I say? Socks and sandals are a match made in hell. It is like wearing shorts on a rainy day or a coat in the summer, you and your feet are exposed to the open air or not!
If you want to wear something light on his feet, but still keep the socks, try a pair of sneakers light instead.
2. With sunglasses indoors or at duskMy God, my God, my God! Only. Most people would neglect the audacity to put shadows or during the hours of the night after No need for this measure ask - instead, rest your sunnies on the front if air escapes Free soon, or fold and put in your pocket instead.
3. Expensive umbrellaAs I mentioned in my book "Foundations of the male wardrobe" (yes, I wrote a book would not you know it) is a waste of time buying expensive umbrella. You will go to the back of the taxi after a week, or to be blown inside after a quick burst during a storm.
4. Denim excessiveDenim works well in small doses. Do not hesitate to wear a denim jacket or a pair of jeans indigo, just make sure not to go overboard with it, but otherwise it is possible that someone has informed the fashion police.
5. New clothesWe all love a joke affable, and a pair of stockings, jovial at Christmas is not bad. But please do not bring it into the workplace is not professional, looks striking and nobody needs to know about his affinity for animals and cartoon characters in primetime sitcom .
6. Damage to clothingNo need to wear clothes that are falling apart. Find a sewing kit to reattach the missing buttons and small tears in the fabric. Not good with a needle and thread? Then find someone who does!
7. Bye-bye 'bling'Unless an international hip-hop artist or MT (Congratulations to you both for that matter), there is absolutely no need to go overboard with jewelry. As a general rule, never use more than three pieces of "bling-bling" on time, which usually means a wedding ring, a watch and a twin or tab (depending on what the occasion arises ).
8. The golden rule for baseballIt's simple, if you is greater than the size of the shoe, then his baseball cap faces forward. Again, not to use innovative designs and logos of the team is to brand cattle, not humans.
9. Belt guidesRemember that the belt should always be of a size larger than your size. Therefore, if you have a size of 32 inches, you should look to find a 34-inch waist. If the band is too tight, you'll look like a sack of potatoes and a glorified loose belt is not good for anyone.
10. Control their Windsor knotsDo not let your Windsor increasingly out of control! Be careful when you tie the knot and make sure to spend a few minutes of good work to achieve the perfect dimple marks.
11. Shopping?So always take a friend with you. Sellers are not there for your benefit, they are there to keep the store in the result, and they do not care if a garment fits, as they are the person buying boxes ...
12. Sneakers and costumesIf you wear sneakers with his suit, then you're in casual clothes. Remember this always, and never, ever go to his office with his new Nike or Converse - not just the time nor the place for it.
13. Clip-TiesNo adult should ever use anything wearing a clip-on ", you should have no problem to attach a simple" four-in-hand "and if for any reason you do, there are many good tutorials out there that will help you learn.
14. Coats and beltsIt is a "no-no" for two reasons. First, it has a strong female advantage of it. Second, look remarkably like dresses and do not want to wear evening dresses in the street!
15. Costumes come in pairs.When you buy a costume, it should come with matching jacket and pants. If you come as a couple should not be used as such. No matter how you try to adjust the color, texture and tone, you will never get a perfect match and you'll look a bit silly because of it.

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