Tuesday, April 9, 2013


What if your suits or other items are not fit?
If your order does not fit, matthewaperry.com  will provide alternations credit of up to $75 ,you can find a local tailor to alter your order,
Remember to keep the receipts you will be aked to upload the receipt to qualify the alternations credit and also send us the new measurement at service@matthewaperry.com so that we can perfect your fit on the future order.
How to apply for alternations credit and where can i get order altered?
Please bring the MatthewAperry Alterations Form to your local tailor and have him note the adjustments.Send us the form and we will review it and give you the response Once the application is approved,you can go to the local tailor shop,we will give you an alternation fees of up to 75USD
How long does it take to receive your remake?
Once your application is approved,we will remake it for you and it can be done in 2weeks.
How long does it take to get refund?
Once your application approved ,we will remake it for you and it can be done in 2weeks.
How to get measurement freshed?
Send us the measurement by email at matthewaperry@service.com. we will change it for you.

What country does MatthewAperry ship to?
MatthewAperry provide a worldwide service without shipping charges.

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