Friday, April 26, 2013

The Style Guy

bespoke suit
When it comes to suits, Glenn O'Brien insists on one of a kind
I got my first bespoke suit in 1996. I couldn't find the linen suit I wanted, so I ordered one from Anderson & Sheppard, whose style is slim and soft in structure. While being measured, I discovered how asymmetrical I am: this shoulder lower, that arm longer. On delivery, I realized that my best off-the-peg suits can't compete in fit. In '97, I ordered a three-piece suit, an endangered species then. I was impressed when they brought in their waistcoat man for the job. Bespoke is expensive, but you're getting skilled labor, not advertising pages. You dictate the fabric, specify details like pockets, working buttons, bohemian linings, etc. Why not wear something you won't encounter in the street? I've been wearing my pin-striped denim suit from John Pearse for years, and this fall I'll debut a leprechaun green velvet from Adam Kimmel.


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