Monday, April 15, 2013

How Do You Tie an Eldredge Knot?

 Q: “I stumbled upon this image recently of a tie knot that completely blew my mind. What is this majestic thing and how do I go about tying it?” - Alex J.

A: This mindblowing work of tie artistry is called the “Eldredge knot”. Its origins are uncertain (more on this later), but we do know its been gaining a lot of popularity through images going viral on sites like Tumblr and Pinterest. And yes, the tie is as tricky to tie as it looks. So grab your favorite tie, a cup of coffee, perhaps a towel and a heavy dose of patience…because this one might have you working up a sweat.

1. Make sure the wide end of the tie ends at the mid point of your belt because you will tie this entire knot with the little end.
2. While holding the big end in place–create a dimple–swing the little end over the front of the big end and go around the back.
3. Bring the little end up and over the front of the loop.
4. Bring the little end through the loop and towards the right side (make sure the knot is tight).
5. Now bring that little end over the center (of the knot) to the other side and bring it towards the back again.
6. Bring the little end up over the top of the knot (make sure the knot is tight).
7. Now, this is when it gets a little tricky. Keep this part loose. Create a loose knot by bringing the little end behind and through the loop.
8. Pull the little end through and tighten till you get a tight knot.
It’s halftime baby – almost there. Take a deep breath, a sip of Gatorade and finish strong.
9. Bring the little end behind the loop.
10. Swing it up in front again.
11. And over the top towards the back and to the opposite end.
12. Go through the loop (keep it loose) in a similar fashion to step #7.
13. Pull through and tighten the knot.
14. Hide the remaining little end of the tie behind your loop.
15. Congrats! You just completed the Eldredge knot! Now go and impress your friends and coworkers!

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