Monday, April 22, 2013

How to Choose the Right Belt

 If perfection is in the details, the belt you wear with your tailored suits is also an integral part of the general appearance that the pattern of the suit fabric or shoes you choose. However, the belts are often reduced to the leather strap to hold your pants. In this brief introduction, we will explore the fundamentals of belt men in the context of the demands, meet some of the most common questions, including the purpose of the belt, how to wear the belt correctly and how to distinguish Tape quality leather.
Part 1:
A belt as an accessory, not a necessity
There is an ongoing debate about style belts are required when you wear a suit. Why the debate? Because the belt is an accessory that should not be a need to make the adjustment. Since this is not a need for adjustment, a choice of clothing ... and when it comes to clothing choices, which is the individual. Stylistically, the presence of a belt breaks the individual means in a vertical plane, which can be a visual or shorten the effect of the expansion. So needless visual belt means fewer interruptions to watch a person you can have a slimming effect and intensified. Supporters of the tape without looking often choose to have your loops off his suit and adjustable side tabs added * (mostly small straps made of the same fabric of the dress, attached to each side).
The conclusion is: dress pants (or any pants, for that matter) should sit at the waist without a belt and, therefore, a belt should not use a bandage or ill-fitting slacks. If the pants are not left without a belt, you may be required if BFD and a visit to the measure (or Hi Army donation box).
* Note: The line option adjustable side tabs Black Costume reverse is coming soon, and are now available by special request!
Belt Size
Even if the pants do not fit properly, you'll love wearing a belt just because you like the look or used to have a sequel. After all, when you see belt buckles, you naturally want to put the belt through them. So knowing your correct belt size is the obvious next step. To get the right size, just take off-the-rack pants waist and go one size bigger. For example, if you wear pants with a size of 34, must wear a size 36 belt. Most belts have 5 holes and try on a belt, a good rule of thumb is that the third hole (or medium) should be the one to use. And if you have belts in the vicinity that are a little too big, you can always shorten it.
Part 2: wear
Adaptation of a belt to your computer
So how do you match your belt with your suit tailored? It is simple and easy: just select the color and finish of your shoes with your belt. For example, a pair of black oxfords requires a black leather belt. A pair of brown wingtips? Yes, you ... a brown belt. This is a very simple rule. Lose and the other may think you are a college student or still lives with his mother.
Vs Casual dress
How do you determine if a tape is a tape dress or casual belt? For starters, if the loop is large, unique in design and / or contains a cartoon character on Saturday morning of childhood, is clearly a casual belt. Usually a belt dress will be about 1 1/4 "inches wide with a simple single loop. All that is larger than will be better for casual wear. Regarding the dress leather belt it will often be cowhide with a smooth finish and glitzy fabrics such as ostrich and crocodile skins are the patterns in the middle -. could be used either in a suit or dress, casual dress ... just follow appropriate for the occasion.
Looking for an infallible guide to wear the belt wearing a suit? Choose a leather strap with a plain color or silver or bronze buckle. Keep it simple, classic and costume and other accessories to mention its most visible.
Part 3: Quality
Determining the quality of the leather
We've said it before but it bears repeating: invest in quality parts, especially when it comes to food staples. You will save money in the long run. The belt of a man is no exception. When it comes to the calf leather straps, there are different types of leather corresponding to different degrees of quality. Some of the most important types of belts that can be seen:
(Click to enlarge)
Now, before leaving to drop hundreds of the highest quality skin of cattle, first ask yourself this question: Do I need a belt to hold your pants? If the answer is "yes", then the first step is to obtain a better fitting pair of pants (we can help with that). If the answer is "No", then the option of wearing the belt of his suit as a handkerchief or a program is ultimately yours. Choose carefully, look good and feel confident.

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