Tuesday, July 30, 2013

8 mistakes to avoid to much wear a suit

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he costume is the modern uniform. It is an almost must for executives and most professions where appearance plays any role. The costumes are all broadly similar (same shape, same color), the attention to detail is paramount to make a difference and make a good first impression. And yet, even in the highest circles, some even commit huge mistakes. That is why we are writing this guide indicating the 8 mistakes to avoid to wear a suit well.1. The bespoke suit too large

This is the most common mistake: we want to believe that we are stronger, we do show that more ridiculous. Always check the seams of your costume marry shoulders, no arms ... The shirt should get a finger beyond the jacket sleeve to let it show any cufflinks, and even for simple aesthetic reasons ( edged the white shirt emerging from the handle providing a significant balance) ... The pants should "break" once, and not form a misshapen heap at the foot ...2. White socks.

Red password yet, why not purple ... but WHITE? Why take such risks when a black sock is not more expensive? One can even get socks by subscription
to be sure to always have ...3. Large Mephisto shoes
And why not Crocs for that matter? It may be comfortable, but it's still horrible, it's massive and plastic appearance does not really exudes elegance. We do not even talk about the label sticking out. Class. Generally prefer thin soles of your shoes.4. Tie Mickey / Y2K
Tie bright, smiley tie, tie Homer Simpson ... are only so call to murder. It is not "cool", "young", "relaxed" or "friday wear." It's just "ugly". If you can not pay you the Hermes models, so go to Zara, they are correct and silk for thirty euros. You will also find very good in Brandalley. The tip of that tie will have to stop at the top of the belt, not the fly.5. The fluorescent green belt H & M
With no suitable belt, you might like this ...
Buy a belt costume. Simple, simple, black, silver and fine discrete loop. You can use more leisurely with your jeans ... but take care not to use your belts jeans with a suit! Believes it is great!6. The backpack
How many graduates keep for years their old patched Eastpak? It is very correct briefcase these days ... We recommend that you read our report on the professional bag and recommend again Believes that offers very business bags at a much affordable price than the competition.7. The 3-button cheap custom suit all closed

2 buttons are more than enough on a costume. Do not close the bottom.8. Black belt with brown shoes
The belt matches with shoes, socks with pants. And not the reverse. It is simple: buy a black belt, and a brown belt!

Costumes and men ….

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