Wednesday, July 24, 2013

The modern way to wear suits with patterns

There is a while ago I took a clap on custom suits with patterns. And is not that I am against the use of them, because I'm not, but they can not very easily give the right tone of the occasion. In addition to this time the look is not the most popular and can leave a trail of mothballs in the air ...

Now, even if you want to bet asim, it's good that you know a little thing or two about how to wear them without looking like a character from the past in old-line odd looking.
First it is a slim model to give the tone of the moment, especially if you're young. Or maybe only if this is the case ... but anyway ...
Second you choose to use with each patterned so that gives a contemporary tone to them to avoid stamp dated. How?

Houndstooth com padronagem diminutaWell, according to Details magazine, if you opt for a pattern like houndstooth (pictured above), that the suit is patterned in miniature. And enjoy to use a hankie in the same print suit only bigger and more diva. And a fastener ties would also be welcome.

Glen Plaid com cor sólida e feeling discretoBut if the requested is a real checkered Glen Plaid (pictured above), forget manjada version "alegrinha" and invest it in mellow colors and contained as slate (bluish gray), plain shirts and ties classic "repp" striped. Of course, half smooth and tone pants.

Chalk stripes sem lembrar um gangsterWhen the subject is that pin-striped chalk more "obvious" out there is called Chalk Stripe (the other thinner and the dotted line is Pinstripe), do not even think to use it in order to refer to some gangster once. Jacket (double-breasted), for example, there is an option. Much less saddle shoes. But one hankie understated, pale shirt and tie aside with another pattern is all you need.

Prince of WalesNow if your elected for the Prince of Wales, invest in a bespoke suit that has at chess more vivid and present as green and orange. And that is it.

Tweed with a twistIf the matter is Tweed herringbone, bet on accessories (read hankie and tie) with vivid colors that give life to the ensemble and will break a little rustic look that comes with it.

The Quickie: The length of the sleeves of the blazer

If you do not make the slightest idea of ​​how to choose the ties to his suits and shirts …

 Still on … slim fit suits versus traditional – a modern battle?

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