Monday, July 22, 2013

The Menswear at Golden Globes

Despite being a bag watch, I confess: I see all the Hollywood award ceremonies (as well led Babel?) And of course, do not miss a red carpet. Besides being super fun to see the fashion dos and don'ts of celebrities, these occasions are a great opportunity to do a basic update on fashion repertoire. Because usually what the stars wear, is or will be the fashion of the season. Best preview there.

Even in the case of men's fashion, which is much more restricted and reduced in the item options than women. Still, it gives very good for fishing either trend, such as colors, modeling suits, formal look d'jour ... and stuff.
No, no raptures stylish on the red carpet. What we saw was a turn as well given the classic is all about. It's the classic tux (tuxedo) came back strong and retubante and was the favorite choice of both hips as the fans of more classic styles to such an event. Leonardo DiCaprio, Mark Whalberg and Josh Hallaway, although youngsters, dismissed the bespoke suit and tie, along with Warren Beatty, Hugh Laurie House, McDreamy Dempsey, Kiefer Sutterland (aka Jack Bauer) showed that there is nothing more elegant than hot and dashing a beautiful and classic tuxedos tailor-made. Already Clint Eastwood and P Diddy use their preferred versions of classic prórpias. The effect was not there so sweeping in the choice of Mr. Eastwood, top it off with that belt ... now P Diddy and his mismatch brocade tux ... pleased. And in full. Incidentally, Tai a great idea for a change in the most classic class.
Clint Eastwood and his version of the classic tux ggleo.jpg Warren Beatty going classic P Diddy Mismatching Josh Holloway hughgrant.jpg McDreamy Dempsey hot classic Terrance Howard and his all white look inside Mark Walberg looking hot in a tux
Others opted for the good old, but a little beaten suit. Some, like Seal and Michael Bolton and his pop star looks, bet on the outfit without a tie and chest to show that despite being the most casual of outfits for an occasion such, it remains an option for those who like to break the formality of certain events. Since of course, these events allow at such boldness, and you know the look in good parade, otherwise .... looks bad ... And please, no cords or necklaces on the neck, or if it is diamond! Glad you did not see any.
Others preferred to wear a suit and tie only varying in color choice of tie, shirt or two. Although the combo white shirt and black tie was the most popular choice of the night. Some opted for thinner ties, others preferred the standard size here so that we always get more elegant.
Though I think that a man in a tuxedo is much more elegant and beautiful, but the custom suit is a good choice to vary the time or another formal looks. Especially for younger people or those who want to rejuvenate your look. And yes they can maintain the pose and the status of the occasion. And Justin Timberlake, "Borat" and Brad Pitt are proof of that.

When using jacket or blazer, which buttoning buttons? And when using them buttoned?

Bradley Cooper in Rio

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