Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Costumes: the small details to stay in the game

First observation: after years of domination of the three buttons, bespoke suit two or one button is needed in the collections. Side trousers, darts at the waist that have disappeared, but the hem with side is back. For colors, if the gray, black and navy blue are basic, it will be this winter allowed to have a little fun with plaids discrete or Prince of Wales stretched to the extreme.
Material side, finally, the return of wool quality. "We often forget that the best costume is first one that does not wrinkle," says Michael Ohnona. Therefore, always insist of 100% wool and monitor the fineness of the yarn. On the label, the indication is the most classic Super 100. It means that 1 pound of wool, was shot 100 kilometers of wire. The higher this number is high (Super 150, 180, 200 or 250), the tissue becomes more fluid and elegant. But it appears fragile! Take into consideration if you plan to live in your two pieces more than one season.
The colors are brighterFinished, black and anthracite. After years of dominance of dark colors, it is now possible to dress in light gray or beige hues that hang much better light.
Jackets shorterThe British look is in vogue: slim fit, narrow shoulders, back of neck refined ... And the length of the jacket down: it must now stop in the middle of your hand when you put your arms along the body.
Stripes are back
The united losing ground and it's time to wear thin gray or colored stripes, fabrics micropatterned or tiles discreet. Dare including Scottish almost imperceptible, in brown or gray tones.
The two-button cheap custom suit is requiredModels with three or four buttons are gradually replaced by two buttons. The single button is even one of the key next summer. Also in vogue: the cross button. The materials are more noblesExit synthetic. This winter, it is warm and soft to touch wool, such as flannel and cashmere, as required. But the price is affected: Count 2000 euros for a quality model.
The pants are tighteningFinished, loose plugs that float when walking. Without claws, pants "grave" now closer to the foot and it is mostly shorter than before: a single ply breaking on the shoe.

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