Sunday, July 28, 2013

Costume Guide for Men

Super 100's, Super 120's ... Straight cut, slim fit ... Two or three buttons ...There are many questions when it comes time to choose his custom suits , especially when it is the first.
However, it is worth taking the time comes when that deadline because the risks are many look very badly dressed with an ill-fitting suit or of poor quality.
Here's our guide to help you choose your first male costume with confidence.

1. The cut of the suitThe cut is the most important element when choosing a suit, because it is what will determine your overall look.
Regarding the style of the cut, the law cheap custom suit 2 pieces with 2 buttons is a classic that fits perfectly in the first time. On this basis, you can then play on the shape of the pockets (coin pocket, slanted pockets), the form of setbacks (acute or right), the number of slots ... to bring diversity.
If your body allows you, you can then make the choice of a suit two curved pieces, always two buttons.Whether it is for the jacket or pants, current trends in men's suits are bent or cut close to the body.
Obviously, this is a rule of thumb, but it is worth repeating: the dress must be selected in your size.
2. The fabric of the suitAnother important criterion, the quality of the fabric! Check inside the suit on the label, the quality is indicated by "super" (super 90, super 100, super 120 ...). The higher the number, the higher the quality of your fabric will be thin and light.Below 120, it is the most common dress, the price is affordable and the quality is the most common. Above 120, this is a man whose suit fabric is rarer, more valuable therefore more expensive, and will require much more attention to the level of maintenance.
"Please do not believe that Super 140's or 160's is better than Super 120's. It is simply softer, because made from the finest wool. But its durability will be lower over time. "Stephan Ricard, co-founder of Samson
3. The color of a dressThe color is chosen according to the season, light colors (beige, gray, off-white ...) are preferably to wear custom made suits during the spring or summer. Dark colors (black, navy blue, dark gray ...) are more common and more practical in winter.

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