Monday, July 1, 2013

Can A Man Be Too Young To Look Good In A Jacket

Many men who work in offices today wear don't wear bespoke suit regularly. If this is you, there will undoubtedly be times when you want to do a little better, whether for a meeting or presentation or a lunchtime or happy hour date. Whether your version of business casual is khakis and a polo shirt or dress slacks, button-down shirt, necktie and sweater, throwing a jacket on will give you a significantly sharper look. As has been said elsewhere, the classic blue blazer goes with anything, and a sport coat in some gray or brown pattern is nearly as versatile. Many men keep such a jacket in the office to act as a dress up/dress down switch.

And then there is leisure. Today's lack of established standards of dress for different social occasions leaves many fretting about what to wear to a dinner party, concert, or afternoon reception. The worry is compounded if you don't know your host well, and even more so if you're hoping to make a good impression with someone there. Once again, the sport coat comes to the rescue. It originated as a leisure garment, remember, and today does the job as well as ever. If someone has invited you to their home, church, club, or anywhere really, it is a sign of respect to take care in your appearance upon arriving. Even if nobody else is wearing a jacket when you get there, people will appreciate that you made the effort. If you feel too out of place, you can always take it off, but the truly stylish man knows that he can achieve casualness with his words and manners while maintaining dignity in his dress.

Nor can a man be too young to look good in a custom made suits. At a night club or a party, a sport coat in charcoal or off-white with slacks or designer jeans is a tough look to beat. For the young man who is not yet concerned with dressing up for work, one or two decent sport coats will make it easy to look sharp for any occasion. They will be a better investment than anything the trend-hawkers have to offer, since proper tailoring and classic patterns will never go out of style.

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