Friday, July 5, 2013

Matthewaperry suits Blog

What if my suit doesn't fit?

Matthewaperry  takes pride in its ideal fit promise to all customers. If any alterations are necessary, LF will pay for the alterations, remake the custom made suits, or give you a credit towards another garment.

For minor adjustments: Sleeve and pant lengths, and back / sides being brought in, go to any experienced local tailor.
For more involved adjustments: Shoulder width and Chest width, please contact a skilled tailor that has experience in custom suits.
If you are uncertain of what needs to be altered or where to go, please email us and/or send picture of yourself in your garment.

The Right Jewelry Can Upgrade Your Look

For a man wearing a suit the right jewelry can upgrade your look from smart to brilliant. At the same time, ostentatious 'bling-bling' is distracting and unattractive; men's jewelry should always be subtle. The watch passes the test by virtue of its functionality; cufflinks and tie clips earn provisional legitimacy on the same grounds.

Cummerbunds in Men's Formalwear

Can A Man Be Too Young To Look Good In A Jacket 

Men's Custom Made Suits Can Incorporate An Unmatched Vest


The alternative to waistcoats, cummerbunds were originally considered a more casual style and limited to summer and outdoor wear. Today, a black cummerbund is considered a perfectly acceptable alternative to a waistcoat, and is probably the more common option at most stores and rental outlets.

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